75 Simple And Straight-Forward Answers To 75 Problems In Life

An old list I wrote when the blog was started. I was tired of bullshit advice out there. The answers and solutions were more often than not, drawn-out and way too complicated, so much so they lose their value. Thus, I created this list of simple and straight-forward answers.

I think a lot of problems in life become real problems because we tend to over complicate the solution, which is kind of natural I guess, since we all have our insecurities and fears, but come on. We need to take a step back and relax sometimes.

We also need to stop avoiding what is hard in life. The real answers are tough. The fake ones are too easy and hence cannot work.

Just take the first step and let it all flow.

75 simple and straight-forward answers to 75 problems in life

1. Getting overweight and fat as fuck- Exercise and diet. Stop eating so much shit.

2. English isn’t great- Read, it’s that simple and straight-forward. Books, blogs, newspaper, whatever.

3. I’m uncertain about some stuff- Open your damn mouth and ask.

4. I’m not sure if my girlfriend is unhappy with me- Ask her.

5. How do I get to this place?- Google Maps.

6. I’m feeling ill- Go see a doctor. Health first, everything else can wait.

7. There’s nothing to watch on TV or Netflix- Switch it off and do something more productive.

8. Bad grades in school- Put in extra time studying. Ask your teacher for extra help.

9. I think dieting is too hard- Start with a small change in your eating habits, like less carbs or replacing fizzy drinks with water.

10. It’s hard to get over my ex- Take your time, but hurry. Open yourself and meet other people.

11. I just did something totally embarrassing! — Laugh it off.

12. Job sucks- Quit.

13. Not sure where to start — Start. That’s your starting point then.

14. I find it hard to relax- Learn to meditate. Sit down and do nothing. Throw that phone aside.

15. Feeling a little down- Listen to your favourite music. Sing along even.

16. Feeling totally depressed- Seek professional help.

17. I feel insulted with what he/she said- Don’t take anything personally ever.

18. My mind is filled with uncertainties- Go for a walk. Appreciate everything around you.

19. Not sure if my crush would go out with me- Ask her/him.

20. I really want to buy that thing- Save up.

21. Need a new look- Get a haircut and new clothes.

22. I find that there’s nothing to look forward to- Break routine. Start simple, like a new route to work.

23. I’ve trouble sleeping at night- Melatonin pills. You can grab them off the shelf.

24. I’m wasting too much time on the internet- Download Freedom.

25. I’m feeling directionless- Go help others so it won’t be all about you.

26. I don’t have a passion- Try out all sorts of different things until something clicks.

27. I accidentally pissed someone off and now I feel bad- Apologize.

28. Hangover- Down water like a madman.

29. Worrying about what comes tomorrow- Stop it. Embrace today. No one has all the answers.

30. Feeling sad- Cry.

31. My room is always cluttered- Get rid of your crap once and all.

32. I’m afraid to die- Stop fearing. Start living. Accept that we are all hitting that destination.

33. I can’t see clearly- Get prescription glasses.

34. Don’t think I’m good enough- Practice.

35. I always don’t have enough money- Spend less.

36. Don’t like where I stay- Move. You are not a tree.

37. I can’t seem to ever find love- Stop finding it. Let it find you. Meet people.

38. I’m always angry and I’m not sure why- Chill out. Breathe. Relax and reflect. Find the source.

39. Neighbourhood isn’t safe- Stop coming out at night.

40. Not sure how to start eating healthy- Add fruits to your diet. Never opt for fast food again.

41. Feel lethargic all day- Sleep earlier.

42. Mom is always nagging- Listen, and let it pass, cause that’s her love for you.

43. I’ve failed- Pick yourself and move on. Success never comes without failure.

44. I think everyone else is better than me- That’s something almost everyone goes through, so relax.

45. I feel taken for granted- Learn to say no.

46.Feels like there’s no progress- Keep persisting, eventually you will get there.

47. Feeling upset with what’s going on in this world- Don’t be. Focus your energy instead to make this world a better place.

48. I feel uninspired- YouTube videos of inspiring people. Read up biographies.

49. I can’t let go of the past- Let it go.

50. These people annoy me- Avoid hanging out with them anymore.

51. Why hasn’t he/she reply? — Call.

52. Why doesn’t she/he reply or pick up my calls?- Focus on yourself. You’ve a life too. Move on.

53. Internet is down- Switch off, then switch on your router. Or g%t off your lazy ass and do something else.

54. I feel pissed with a comment on the internet- Don’t even bother. Arguing on the internet is for insecure losers.

55. I feel unhappy- Fuck it. It will be okay. Tomorrow is another day and a brand new chance.

56. I want to read, but books are too expensive- Borrow from the library.

57. Unhappy with the group’s decision- Open your mouth, voice your opinion.

58. Not sure if I can do it alone- Seek others’ advice.

59. I’m not very happy with my haircut- Wear a cap.

60. I’m always interrupted online- Close Twitter and Facebook. Check your email the next hour only.

61. I feel bored all the time- Take up something new right now, like sports or joining a club.

62. How do I make sure everyone likes me? — Don’t bother, because you can’t please everyone in life.

63. How do I make a good first impression? Be humble, and don’t judge.

64. Not sure how to start a blog- Here you go.

65. I hate school- Consider not going for a day. Or consider how it’s just a phase in your life. Get it done.

66. Worry too much- Stop it cause it doesn’t change the outcome.

67. Not sure how I can start opening up my mind- Visit a new country. Absorb culture.

68. Procrastinating way too much- Stop thinking, start doing. Take the first step. Don’t blow it out of proportion. Finish it.

69. Really angry with someone, but not sure how to deal with it- Write an angry letter and don’t send it.

70. I buy too much crap at the supermarket- Don’t shop on an empty stomach.

71. I’m always overspending- Get rid of your credit cards.

72. Not sure what’s the best way to go about life- Just be nice and help others.

73. I spend too much on online shopping- Remove credit card info from your online accounts, so there’s no way you’d simply click and buy.

74. It ain’t my fault, people and things around me bring me down- Don’t lay blame. Take full responsibility for your own actions and stop being a bitch.

75. I’m just not sure if…- Just, try.

Hope you enjoyed these simple and straight-forward answers!

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