7 Things Guys Need To Stop Being Proud Of

Guys, guys, guys, it’s time to chill out okay? It’s time to get grounded. It’s time to look in the mirror and be honest about the things guys need to stop being proud of okay?

Or a short fuse. These are guys who are quick to anger and they’re proud of it.

This is when bad-tempered dudes revel in the idea that people wouldn’t dare to mess with them and piss them off.

The fallacy is that a quick temper is justified as they try to include the idea of having righteous anger and that it advocates a form of respect, or even charisma.

It’s utter bullshit because nothing good ever comes out from having a bad temper. It’s childish, immature and only reflects how insecure you are.

If a tiny little thing sets you off to the point of you shouting, screaming and wanting to physically hurt others, you’ve got a lot of growing up to do.

A real man is in control of his emotions and recognizes that his demeanor affects those around him. A real man wouldn’t cower from the challenge of fighting counter-intuitive feelings that make them feel shitty and do what it takes to overcome in a logical and rational way.

I think many guys don’t even know what the hell an ego means and yet they’re still proud of having a self-inflated one.

Having an ego is alright. It merely means having self-esteem and being self-aware of who you really are.

But having a self-inflated one, to the point that you think it’s cool to have others say that you’ve an ego is an immature idea. The very fact that you want others to talk about you only reflects how insecure you are.

Self-inflation brings for the misunderstanding that a guy with an ego is confident with who he is. And that’s bullshit. There’s zero confidence in a little boy who wants others to think or say things for him and about him.

A real man is comfortable in his own skin. Then he takes on life to become the man he wants to be.

Ah, one of the biggest things guys need to stop being proud of.

It is a wonder to me when guys regale tales of their “valor” to me. It is a bigger wonder to me that they seem to win every, single fight they’ve gotten into.

If a guy is proud of getting into a fight intentionally, then he is an idiot who thinks violence is cool (it’s not) and he has zero capacity to take on the bigger challenge of simply walking away, like a man. It’s also a grand reflection of how angry and fearful he is of himself as he sees a need to dish out physical pain to others.

A real man uses his words. He recognizes the true consequences violence brings. He knows how to walk away and just focus on his own shit to become super awesome by you know, helping others, inspiring them, making money his own way, raise a family and take care of his loved ones.

I was in a bit of a dilemma to include this point as, during my pre-girlfriend younger days, I was all for having fun and living it up with my freedom as a single guy. I think it’s alright to have all the fun you want when you’re young. There’s no point growing old into a comfortable but loveless relationship while you’re thinking if the grass is greener on the other side all the time. It ends up in infidelity.

So, this point is controversial, that means to say the argument for it is polarizing.

A guy shouldn’t be proud of having slept with only one person their entire life while he’s lying to himself all along. This is when he puts up a front to show others that he’s a loyal guy who follows the rules of conventional love (and marriage.) And he doesn’t dare to admit that he is unhappy deep down.

On the flip side, a guy should shouldn’t be proud of sleeping with tons of girls if it turns him into a misogynistic asshole who objectifies women and views them as pussies only. I dare say this is how reality gets warped in so many guys, and even girls when they think love is simply a transaction.

Take note, the former school of guys usually stealthily steer towards the other group. Most of them will never dare admit it.

A real man is proud of his own love life as he does what it takes to get it with honesty and a clear conscience.

Another one of the biggest things guys need to stop being proud of!

Way too guys take pride in this. They do it in a subtle manner. They whine, lament and rant (like a man child) about how they can’t get the girl, but then take solace in the idea that they’re nice enough to give up their seat to the elderly. They wonder why women date assholes.

Being nice is okay, but this is a sheer CRY for attention! You want us to reply, “You’re such a nice guy! I’m sure the right girl will come along.”


Only losers finish last. You just happen to be a very nice one.

A real man aims for first place and gets what he wants.

Strength in numbers. That’s the false idea a gang brings. Along with that, “street cred” comes along as they indulge in their dumb ideas of bullying others.

No, you don’t get any form of street cred or whatever. Nobody would ever respect you for your gang activities and being a damn thug.

There’s nothing wrong with having friends and being surrounded by people who would be there for you. But the idea of a gang? It’s plain toxic.

A real man doesn’t cover up his cowardice by hiding behind others.

I think gender roles and even stereotypes exist for a reason.

It’s all good that a man today is evolving such that he’s in touch with his feelings and whatever. But there comes a point where he needs to man up and accept the role he’s supposed to play.

That means getting hurt, getting up, dusting yourself off and just fucking it to deal with shit that comes along.

Nobody wants to hear about how you feel all the time. That’s all talk. A guy can’t cry all the time.

A real man accepts his role.

That’s it! Any other things guys need to stop being proud of!?

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