7 Pieces of Business Advice From Successful People That Are Actually Worthless

A caveat of sorts:

The onus is entirely on you.

But for sure, it really doesn’t help that these successful people are never fully transparent or honest about it.

1) Network and connect with others so you can benefit from that one person

If you want to connect with others, then do it consistently and on a sincere level.

2) That little piece of extra advice that doesn’t fit together with the rest

3) “Do this and it will work. Guaranteed. It worked for me and therefore it will work for you.”

No matter how well they teach you, they’ll never be able to cover everything, for it is life itself. They’ll always miss out some subtleties.

4) Anything to do with the “best friend” connection

5) Anything to do with quick results

6) Pretty much everything they say when they’re in the business of teaching how to create businesses or how to make money

If it works so well, why the hell would you teach?

However, you must know that they can only bring you so far.

Art can never be taught. Art can only be felt.

7) When their advice only consists of impressive numbers and testimonials

Deep down you know it. You know this shit.

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