7 Pieces Of Advice They Don’t Give You In College

I’ve a balanced point view about college. There’s a ton of things to learn but there’re also advice they don’t give you in college.

On the one hand, I think it’s important to attend school because it’s a privileged phase in life young people should go through.

On the other hand, college alone doesn’t guarantee success or a great life.

Therefore, you’ve gotta balance it out. Study hard, but then work hard outside. You’ve a life outside. Wish I knew these back then in my 20s.

Here’s 7 Pieces of advice they don’t give you in college

Originally from Quora.

1) Your degree may be useless for several reasons. Hence, you need to learn how to kill it at the interview, be prepared to work in other fields and most of all, respect people for who they are, not what their education background is.

2) Love, dating and relationships? Nothing to do with your education or the amount of money you earn. You’ll see that many other factors matter. You’ll see that things don’t make sense too, like why do women date assholes? How do you get over a breakup? So, be personal and learn to love each other on a sincere level.

3) Embrace your introverted or extroverted side. This is effectively learning about who you are in your own space and embracing it. There’s no more classroom after graduation baby. Better get used to it.

4) You can learn a lot more about yourself, other people and life itself by travelling. Do it alone even. Go meet people of other cultures. You can’t get any of that in textbooks.

5) Spend time with your parents, because all the while you were studying and making them proud, they were growing old. Unlike you, they stopped growing up a long time ago. Age is a number, but a very tricky one.

6) Passion doesn’t solve all your problems. It simply doesn’t. Okay? This is a huge piece of advice they don’t give you in college.

7) It takes a lot more than studying business modules to be successful in business. Keep trying to find out what works for you.

Anymore pieces of advice they don’t give you in college? Let me know!


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