32 things from 32 years of my life

I turned 32 last week. Here we go, some life lessons and stuff. Enjoy!

1) Professional therapy has really helped a ton with my emotional issues

And I’d encourage you to do the same if you feel deep down that you require some professional help. To be blunt, you must be kidding if your issues and problems can be solved by reading a blog, taking in inspirational quotes or merely talking to a friend. I did that for years and my anger only built up inside of me and continued to eat me from within. Doing all of that is too easy. If things start to feel hard and uncomfortable, you’d know that it is working.

2) Medication can help

I am on medication now, fluvoxatine to be exact. Many people feel that medication is generally bad, especially for mental issues, but try it out and find out works for you.

3) I’ve spent a lot of time caring about what others think of me way more than I’d like to admit

I feel ashamed to admit this somewhat, but it is true. I believe a lot of us go through the same dilemma. However, I also believe that everyone has this problem and it will never go away. It’s about what exactly, why and how you deal with it.

4) Passion is identity

That is why you do it. You do it because you love it so much until it is part of you. It is never a mere hobby or pastime you indulge in to relax.

5) Divorce is extremely real

A lot of people ask me if I feel scared that I may be alone for the rest of my life considering that at 32, I am still single. I am honestly happy like that for now. If anything, hanging out with my friends who are currently going through a divorce make me feel lucky and how love should be seen in a big-picture sense and not merely an emotional moment you try to hold on to.

If I may sound flip, divorce among my friends make their lives start all over again. I am there for them, but I don’t see how anyone else married can be ahead of me then.

6) I still like partying and getting drunk

And that is my all-encompassing answer to why I am not ready to settle down yet. Hangovers feel really shitty though.

7) Marketing and business can be learnt

At its core, it can be learnt. You just need to learn the basics. They must be learnt by you, for if you don’t want to market yourself or your business, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

8) Being a starving artist shouldn’t be something to be proud of

Because you’re starving. You may retain your art, but you leave no mark or legacy in this world except your quiet, whiny voice.

9) I love my tattoos

10) I love being a writer so much that I got a pen on me

11) My anger issues are a cover up for my fear

I still need more time to explore this, but basically, I don’t like to appear weak in front of others. I’ve always used my anger in an attempt to dominate over others.

12) There is always someone out there older than you, but feels younger than you

This is one of the main reasons why I don’t feel old. I have many friends older than me and are happily doing their own thing and for some, doing stupid shit. It’s funny of course, but something intriguing to think about. How young you want to feel is up to who you choose to hang out with.

13) When people only sell “how I sell”, the product is usually crap

Just look at all multi-level-marketing products. They’re mostly ambiguous at best. And why aren’t the salespeople even using it?

14) Every little action has a consequence, period

It gets to me that people believe in victim-less crimes and such, thinking that it’s their alibi to do anything they wish.

15) Why won’t God heal amputees?

This is an essential question. It removes all ambiguity. Think about it.

16) Everything I do today is mostly linked to my father’s passing

That is him chilling. When you an extremely strong ‘WHY’ behind the things you do, you will find that inner spark to create fire. Not everyone will understand this for they believe you’re getting burnt, but ignore them. Let your fire shine bright.

17) Tinder makes it so easy to talk to girls these days

Just. Say. Hi. No excuses.

18) You can be confrontational without being angry

One of my anger issues stem from the fact that I always avoided confrontations in my life. I always felt I should do the ‘right thing’ to appease everyone. However, all of that only caused me to repress my anger. As a result, I get very agitated easily from possible confrontations, especially through words. I’ve learnt that I can do this without anger. You just have to say your piece without getting personal. It’s hard at first, but you’ll get better.

19) My introvert side has manifested greatly of late, but no I don’t consider myself a loner

I simply prefer my own space more often than not. Henceforth, weddings, concerts, group outings and reunions are very cumbersome. They will never beat a one-on-on conversation.

20) I realized that I’ve commitment phobia

Simply because the fear of missing out in the form of being able to meet new women with peace of mind would intensify greatly whenever I am committed to one girl.

21) Writing is a lifestyle

So is reading. If you want to become a better writer, read and write everyday. Exercise that muscle. You’ll find your voice that way.

22) As sensitive as I can be, I still believe a man should shut up and act like a man

That means taking things in our stride despite things not going our way. Nothing annoys me more than a man complaining about a minor flu or having made to carry some heavy loads.

23) Some people are so poor that they only have money

24) The conversation in your head is your reality

If you believe you’re shit, then you’re shit.

If you believe in yourself, then that’s a great start.

25) My idea of a great first date is a conversation over coffee or drinks

That’s all I ask for.

26) My idea of a perfect weekend date with my longtime girlfriend is lazing in my room.

She reads her book while I read mine.

27) The best feeling during your trip is checking in to your hotel after you’ve landed

I love being surprised at how nice my room is as I revel in the anticipation of what’s to come next.

28) The worst feeling during your trip is the last night

I am just that bad with goodbyes.

29) The best gifts you can give me are either books, graphic novels or beer

I don’t think I ask for much now do I?

30) Real friends slowly come back as you go along

I’ve rekindled several friendships I never thought I’d during this year alone. I am really glad for that. Some of them I have not seen for a decade or so, and now we are in constant contact. I love it. The real friends will come along unexpectedly. Yet conversely, some will disappear, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you.

31) I think people who put deceptive pictures on their dating profiles should be thrown to jail

I am sorry, but you’re straight up lying. Not cool.

32) I still haven’t gotten my shit together

That’s okay though. I take my time, but I do hurry too.

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