31 Things Extremely Confident People Do Differently #10 Is A No-Brainer

1) They care about what others think to the extent that they aren’t socially awkward and annoying others. As they get along with others, they gain more confidence.

2) They don’t care about everything else others think or say.

3) They don’t assume anything because that’d only take up head space.

4) They don’t blame others for their own shortcomings.

5) They’re super honest with themselves, even with their flaws.

6) They read instead of wasting time on social media or TV.

7) They don’t react in a bad way immediately when they hear that somebody is talking behind their back, assuming the worst.

8) They try to do work by converging their passion with it.

9) They don’t let their age define what they can do in life.

10) They do the no-brainer thing of learning from past mistakes, making sure not to repeat them at all cost.

11) They stand up for what they believe in, big or small.

12) They exercise. Not to get ripped or something, but because they know a healthy body gives a healthy mind.

13) They don’t eat and drink so much shit.

14) They know that failure is not a bad thing.

15) They don’t put beautiful, handsome, pretty, gorgeous people on a pedestal.

16) They eliminate toxic people out of their lives, all the time. No exceptions.

17) They remember to have fun.

18) They don’t let the past haunt their present.

19) They know that money is important, but they don’t chase it.

20) They throw out excuses, because they’re just excuses.

21) They smile and laugh.

22) They take steps to look good when they get out of the house. Really.

23) They sleep early.

24) They don’t let annoying, self-destructive jerks get to them.

25) They throw that phone aside so that they don’t keep checking that thing when they’re outside.

26) They know that fear is not real.

27) They dare to be different.

28) They don’t need expensive things, cheap ways to show off to validate themselves.

29) They don’t complain. They be grateful instead.

30) They don’t whine and gripe about the problem, they focus on finding the solution.

31) Above all else, they just keep trying.

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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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