26 Totally Useless Things For Your Well-Being

Everything here is useless. Except this post as a whole. The irony is that a lot of us have a lot of it on our plate.

I know, I know. Life is complicated. I don’t know you. Who am I to tell you all this? Whatever. Just, whatever. Okay?

And that’s the point. You realize everything below is useless. You say, “Whatever”. Chill out. Then move on.

1) Worry.

Does not do anything good. Period.

2) Guilt.

This is the bane of your existence. You can learn and grow from your mistakes without feeling like shit all the tmie.

3) Regret.

Because the past can never be changed.

4) High expectations.

Lower them. Now.

5) Toxic friends.

Break away from them. Dump them today.

6) Any kind of negative thoughts.

Angry ones, sad ones, worrying ones. Whatever. Think of something cooler with your brain.

7) What others think or say about you.

These are outside entities that have absolutely nothing to do with you. They’re also highly inaccurate.

8) Judging others.

A waste of time, thought processing and energy. Focus on your own shit.

9) Violence.

It’s for losers. Calm yourself. Use your words. Walk away.

10) Mindless internet.

When you’ve nothing in particular to do. You won’t gain or learn anything that way. Go read a book.

11) Waiting.

Good things come to those who wait? How about you get off your ass and go get’em.

There’s always a choice to wait or not. One thing for sure, stop planning to meet up with people who are never on time. They can go fuck themselves.

12) Procrastination.

Just do it already.

13) Over thinking.

More often than not, it’s only in your head. Things aren’t as bad as you make it out to be.

14) Fear.

Fuck fear. Punch it in the face. It’s not real at all!

15) Resisting change.

It’s going to happen. Embrace it.

16) Bitching about life being unfair.

It is unfair. It’s just how it is. Let it go. You also shouldn’t start making it unfair for others.

17) Trying to control everything.

For control is an illusion. No matter what, you’re still going to look both sides of the road before you cross it.

Embrace uncertainty. Life is either an adventure or a mess to you.

18) Comparing your life with others.

They have their own set of challenges. Let them be.

19) Lying to yourself.

Admit. You do that.

Come clean with all your shit, even your flaws. Stop sugar coating it.Then change and grow for the better.

20) Holding back.

Don’t… hold back. Don’t hesitate. Or else regret is formed.

21) Chasing money.

Money is important. No doubt. But the difference is whether you want to chase it or not.

22) Attachment to your job.

Your job isn’t you. Never forget that.

23) Forgetting to have fun in everything.

It’s sad how we forget to have fun. If you think fun goes along the lines of say, only having one vacation a year, then you’re not going to have a lot of fun in this life.

24) Taking life too seriously.

Or yourself for that matter. Chill out.

25) Revenge.

It doesn’t do you good. It’s also not going to make you feel on top of the world that “justice” is served. Move on.

26) Pleasing people.

Does someone have a problem with you? That’s their problem. Not yours. You don’t have to do anything.

You can’t please everybody in life anyway.

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