20 Secrets To Become Super Likeable Today

  1. Never try too hard. People can tell when you try too hard. That is a major turn off. People would think you’re clingy, desperate and annoying.
  2. Look good. Face it. People are judgmental creatures. This ain’t about attraction as in in the realm of dating and relationships. This is about looking presentable so people would want to like you in the first place. So do what it takes. Get new clothes. Trim your hair. Workout.
  3. Smell good. Nobody wants to be near a smelly piece of shit. Do what it takes to smell good. Go to a doctor if you have to. Don’t show up sweaty.
  4. Speak well. If you sound too intimidating people may be turned off. If you speak too softly, it may come across as annoying. Learn to speak well to avoid misunderstandings.
  5. Smile. Nobody likes an ugly, pissed off face. People will judge that.
  6. LISTEN. You can’t be the one talking all the time and dominating the conversation. That’s called being self-centered.
  7. Have your manners. Say your ‘Please’s and ‘Thank you’s and you’re good. This sounds basic, but not many people got it down pat.
  8. Don’t lie. Nothing else needs to be said here, besides that people will find out the truth. You can’t get away with shit like that.
  9. Don’t cross boundaries and have proper etiquette. E.g. don’t hit on your friend’s girlfriend. Don’t hit on their ex.
  10. Don’t be that guy who borrows money from friends. Money puts a strain in relationships. It is as simple as that. So don’t start it at all.
  11. Show up on time. I don’t know why people today think it’s okay to be late. That’s sad. Don’t buy into this shit.
  12. Show up. Just do it. It makes a huge difference in everything you do.
  13. Never ask personal questions. If you need to think about it, then yes, you’re probably going to offend them. So don’t.
  14. Don’t lay blame on your friends for your own shit. If you fuck up, man up and take responsibility for it. No one else out there can do it for you. If you try to otherwise, you’re only showing you’re a weak ass bitch.
  15. Don’t brag. Nobody wants to hear from a blowhard.
  16. Be nice and do the right thing. For whatever fuck ups you have in your life, at least show people deep down that you’re a good person. If you have it the other way around, you’re not likeable.
  17. Don’t be loud. It is rude, obnoxious and barbaric.
  18. Stop being busy forever. Busy is bullshit. Everybody is busy today. If something or someone means something to you, you’d make that damn time. Not everyone will accept busy as a legit excuse forever.
  19. Don’t be a petty little bitch. I mean, if you’re offended by EVERYTHING, nobody would want to be around you.
  20. Know that you can’t please everybody in life. Which pretty much covers never trying too hard. Don’t aim to be likeable for assholes. If somebody wants to find a problem with you, they will. You can’t stop that. So just go find better people who are on the same frequency as you and would accept you for who you are.

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