17 Small Things That Infuriate The Fuck Out Of Me

  1. A cluttered desk. I can’t do shit if my work station is too messy.
  2. People opening my door to enter my room then leaving without closing it.
  3. Little demons walking around AKA small children.
  4. People who do that non-blue-ticks-bullshit on Whatsapp so they conveniently be unaccountable all the time.
  5. Weddings. Big day for the bride and groom? It’s a tiny prick on my calendar where I am expected to RSVP way too early.
  6. People who too speak too softly like frigging mice.
  7. Conspiracy theorists.
  8. People who say they love Mondays on Facebook on Mondays.
  9. An almost-sneeze.
  10. People who call you ‘petty.’ Petty is a mere judgement you use to avoid wanting to understand the situation or your friend completely.
  11. Went to a library once and spotted a book with notes inside and ripped out corners. What! Treat books with respect you assholes.
  12. My soup spoon slid down in its entirety into the soup itself.
  13. The sink that was supposed to automatically wash my hands with water did not automatically wash my hands with water.
  14. Lists like these, but only those that give super generic advice that everybody knows already.
  15. Sponsored Posts on social media depicting some inspiring story when it’s actually an advert for their bullshitty, scammy courses.
  16. The sun in my eyes while I am trying to sleep.
  17. Humans.

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