15 bullshit lies we tell ourselves to avoid whatever

1) “I’m too tired.”

No you’re not!

2) “I’m too ugly. Nobody loves me.”

Maybe somebody from where you’re at doesn’t think you’re pleasant to the eyes, but someone out there from a different part of the world definitely thinks so otherwise.

3) “I’m too busy.”

Busy is bullshit. Everybody is busy today.

4) “I can’t do this unless somebody teaches me first.”


5) I’m not feeling too well.”

Are you, really?

6) “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.”

In the words of Louis C.K.:

7) “There’s something wrong with me.’

Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.

8) “I can’t get over him/her.”

Yes, you can.

9) “It’s too hard.”

Fucking learn until it becomes easy then.

10) “I can’t help it that it’s in my genes.”

You’re still the owner of your genes.”

11) “It’s my parents’ fault.”

If you’re self-aware enough to start attributing some flaws to your parents, you’re self-aware enough to start taking responsibility to make some changes.

12) “I am not as good as them.”

So therefore you shouldn’t at least try? Bullshit.

13) “I am one unlucky person.”

Bullshit. Luck is bullshit.

14) “Everyone doesn’t like me.”

Or, “Everyone is against me”, or “I’m not good with meeting people.”

15) “It wasn’t really what I wanted anyway.”

Do you really feel that way or is that something you’re telling yourself because you fucked up?

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