13 Blunt Truths To Hopefully Wake Your Ass Up In Life!

I wrote this about 5 years ago. It was insane. Because I remember writing it with a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. I was like, fuck it, here are some blunt truths for everyone!

You ready for some motherfucking motivation? Take some blunt truths then!

But hold up, this isn’t the kind of motivation where I spur you on with some awesome quotes or stories or whatever.

In fact, these may just get you down altogether.

Why? Cause these are all blunt truths baby.

Real talk. Not for the weak of heart. Turn away if you are. You little bitch.

Or you could dig deep, think deep, reflect and rise up awesomer.

#1 On being afraid to fail

Blunt truth: Okay. Dont try anything. Be stagnant. Stay in your comfort zone and don’t move out. Continue wondering your whole life “what if” it’s greener on the other side. That’s how it’s going to be for the rest of your unfulfilled life.

Or you could just muster up some courage and try.

#2: On being afraid to meet people

Blunt truth: Stay home then! Let your mom be your best friend your whole life. Don’t meet people. Don’t learn how to talk to people. Let your life be about video games, Facebook, YouTube, TV and your bed. Don’t bother seeing the light of the day so you can end up being pale as fuck.

Or you could just get out of the house and start socializing so you’d realize not everyone are assholes and you’re pretty cool just by being you.

#3: On struggling with an online business

Blunt truth: Let me extend the idea of, “If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it.”

If an online business is simply a matter of, “Build it and people will come”, then everybody who starts a shitty free Blogspot, Wordpress, Joomla, Wix, iPage or whatever blog would be in business and making money already.

If it was as easy as learning the ropes, then everyone who paid for a $97, $997 or even a $3000 course or coaching would be wildly successful and earning 6-figures.

If it was so easy, then I wouldn’t have to write this shit for you.

Stop whining on why things are so hard. It was never meant to be easy. Just work hard and keep moving forward.

#4: On wondering why you “suddenly” had to struggle

Blunt truth: What? Your overnight success suddenly became work? You’re suddenly losing money? Things suddenly feel hard and you don’t know how to deal with it? Your passion isn’t so fun now?

Too bad man. That’s life. Every single one of us, even the so-called prodigies and gurus have our own set of challenges.

Don’t be complacent bitch.

#5: On being hurt by friends and loved ones

Blunt truth: People change man.

It sucks, but you gotta let it go. Let them walk their own path. Breakup and end the relationship if there is no more love.

They need to make their own mistakes. LET THEM.

The point is difference is when they actually come back to you and you’ve the choice of being a nice, forgiving person or a vengeful asshole.

#6: On people disagreeing with you even though you feel you didn’t do anything wrong

Blunt truth: Lo and behold! Not everybody agrees with you. You aren’t always right. The world doesn’t revolve around you. And you certainly can’t please everybody.

In fact, if you keep insisting on your own shit and feel that everybody else should agree with you, it’s a sign of immaturity WHOA.

Get over yourself eh? Or at least, do yourself the favor and stop hanging out with toxic people. The onus is on you.

#7: On constantly procrastinating

Blunt truth: Don’t get anything done then. Let it be known that inane things like randomly surfing Facebook and YouTube for unimportant crap gets in the way of your life.

Or you could just get off your ass and just do it. The start is always the hardest, so just wait for that momentum to sink in.

#8: On thinking your life sucks

Blunt truth: I don’t know who you are, but I’m assuming you’re doing pretty alright as you’re reading this from your own phone or computer.

There’re people out there who don’t even have the basics like food, water, shelter, a few bucks a day much less a friggin computer.

Be grateful damn it! Your life is not bad! Be god damn honest about it. You know should be.

#9: On why your life isn’t getting any better

Blunt truth: If life’s problems could be solved simply by reading a bunch of self-help books, blogs or attending a seminar, then the whole world would be at peace.

You need real life experience. That’s how you gain real clarity about you and your life. So get out there and make shit happen.

Oh and you also need time. So by god, be patient. Shit, my own dad died and I am fine today!

#10: On trying to get attention on social media

Blunt truth: You look ridiculous and everybody is just laughing at you.

#11: On being upset with the state of the world

Blunt truth: You don’t owe the world a living. Neither does it owe you one.

Yeah the state of the world sucks. People cheat. There’re wars. Rape. Kids dying. Cancer. Whatever. These are blunt truths indeed.

But others’ problems are not yours. Don’t make your problems other people’s problems too.

Keep your own conscience clear and just go with that.

#12: On becoming a better person

Blunt truth: You aren’t perfect. You screw up and piss people off. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own shit.

Then you need to reflect. That’s how you grow up. Then you gotta make the choice to be better yourself.

Nobody owes you a living.

#13: On disagreeing with this post

Blunt truth: Did I hit a nerve?

Do you not like all these blunt truths?!

Whatever. Call the police. I don’t care. Alden-Tan.com bitch.

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