100 Ways To Fuck Up Your Entire Life

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Here’s 100 ways to fuck up your life slowly or in epic proportions. Let’s go!

1) Don’t use a condom, ever. Get an STD. Get HIV. Gain a death sentence. Say bye to life.

2) Get into a fight in public. Then either lose or end up in jail.

3) Keep taking drugs. Overdose and die or get health complications. Or get caught and end up in jail.

4) Drink and drive.

5) Gamble like hell. Bet a disgusting amount of money on a single hand. Don’t stop.

6) Borrow money from a loan shark. So you can gamble even more.

7) Don’t see a doctor even though you’re sick as hell.

8) Whenever you’re angry, bash your head against the wall. Get rid of those brain cells already!

9) Get out of the house and shout racial slurs to minority groups.

10) Insult people’s mothers so you can start a fight.

11) Punch the police in the face.

12) Make sure it’s also caught on camera, then let them know you’re filming this. Capture their reactions!

13) Eat MacDonalds ONLY everyday.

14) Change your name to something stupid, like PenisEater

15) Tattoo a satanic symbol on your face.

16) Cut yourself. Then go swim with sharks.

17) Smoke like 5 packs a day.

18) Don’t shower at all.

19) Walk out of the house naked and see what happens.

20) Betray all your friends.

21) Steal your best friend’s girlfriend or wife.

22) Borrow money from your close friends and disappear completely.

23) Go out and punch an old lady in the face in front of everybody.

24) Join ISIS.

25) Intentionally become handicapped.

26) Go make fun of handicapped people and see what others do to you.

27) Don’t go for therapy. Be insecure before and never heal.

28) Drive really, really fast all the time.

29) Text and drive all the time.

30) Become a bully at school or at work.

31) Learn how to be a suicide bomber.

32) Stop drinking water. Replace it with Coke or some unhealthy shit.

33) Go to a zoo, and climb into the area where the lions or tigers are at.

34) Eat shit. No really. Eat actual shit.

35) Become a pedophile and let everybody know about it.

36) Join a cult.

37) Get plastic surgery CONSTANTLY.

38) Jump into traffic.

39) Lie, lie, and always lie. Be known as the liar.

40) Hate your family even though they love you.

41) Cheat on your final exam openly.

42) Sleep for an hour a day only. All day everyday!

43) Be a hoarder. Make an entire mess out of your house! Oh my god look at this shit…

44) Join a gang. A violent one.

45) Play with fire. Like for fun.

46) Take your partner who loves you for granted.

47) Don’t pay your rent and all. Spend on needless shit. Become homeless.

48) Go to North Korea and break the law there. Like, give out bibles or something.

49) Become a beginner at Parkour and try some high-level shit on the spot.

50) Don’t give yourself a chance at love. Be fearful forever! Be single and alone forever! Waste the opportunities given by the people who are really into you.

51) Don’t break up from an abusive relationship. Be stuck, unhappy and abused forever.

52) Do whatever it takes to get a stroke.

53) Do whatever it takes to not learn from getting a stroke.

54) Only talk about yourself when you meet people.

55) Ask really personal, sensitive questions when you meet people. Be arrogant at the same time too.

56)Travel somewhere alone. Then lose your passport for fun.

57) Deny all your guilt. Suppress your feelings. Never face your deepest, darkest emotions. Let’s see how you turn out and what you grow up into.

58) Never apologize to anybody even though you’re in the wrong. Let’s see how many people want to be your friend then.

59) Have sex with her even though she said repeatedly says no.

60) Focus on all your regrets everyday.

61) Stay in your comfort zone.

62) Reject every kind of help people want to give you.

63) Don’t move on from whatever.

64) Don’t let go of shit. Hold a grudge forever.

65) Change your lifestyle so you’d get kidney failure. Live like that forever.

66) Eat processed food and do whatever it takes to get cancer. Live like that forever and watch your family’s reaction when you give them the news.

67) Drink non-stop to get liver failure.

68) Don’t take your medication on purpose!

69) Say ‘yes’ to everything even though you don’t want to. Don’t say ‘no’ ever.

70) Don’t stand up for yourself.

71) Try to please every single, person you know in your life.

72) Do the same thing over and over to get the same results you’re not happy with. Don’t try anything different. That’s the definition of insanity.

73) Somehow, be the cause of a catastrophe and become the only survivor.Live with that in your conscience for the rest of your life.

74) Don’t plan to have a kid properly but have one anyway. You’re probably not screwing up your life but also the kid’s!

75) Always be negative.

76) Believe everything your shitty boss says to put you down.

77) Invest your money blindly. Buy into whatever sleazy salespeople say.

78) Pretend that you can fly. Jump off the roof.

79) Don’t move. Stay wherever you are without your surroundings and environment makes you really, really unhappy.

80) Never be satisfied. Be greedy forever.

81) Don’t laugh. Just be pissed off and boring all the time.

82) Repeat your mistakes.

83) Have a victim mentality. Play that role only.

84) Start to believe that you must be depressed forever.

85) Start to believe that suicide is the answer. You’d be gone forever man.

86) Don’t come out of the closet. Deny your homosexuality. Live in denial.

87) Be a repeat offender.

88) Don’t save money, ever. Emergencies be damned!

89) Be dishonest all the time.

90) Don’t get out of the house. Stay in bed. Don’t be active. Never open up to life.

91) Be really bitchy. Gossip all the time. Argue on social media publicly.

92) Never free up time for your passion.

93) Objectify women, or men.

94) Stop believing in yourself.

95) Believe in the bullshit others say to put you down.

96) Take up a course, diploma or job you hate just for the money.

97) Constantly ruminate over the times that made you unhappy, sad and pissed off.

98) Dropout of school for no real reason at the last minute.

99) Never push yourself to realize your true potential.

100) Refuse to ever have fun.

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