10 Paradoxes In Life You Need To Deal With To Be Happy

Originally here on Quora.

  1. Life sucks. But it’s good too.
  2. Breakups hurt. But you’ll be fine.
  3. Life is not fair. But it means sometimes you get good shit for no reason too.
  4. You’ll fuck up and do things you never thought you would. But that means you can learn and grow at this very moment the most.
  5. Love is blind. But the feeling is great when you meet that someone despite not being able to logically explain it.
  6. The bad guy wins. But if you look deeper, they really don’t, for they’re just bullies who are suffering.
  7. Women date assholes. But it can be explained rationally, trust me.
  8. Your close friend will may one day turn not not to be good for you.But that’s just life. People change. We have to move forward and away from toxicity.
  9. You can attain everything you want in the world. But you may end up depressed still. Chase not material things but look inwards instead.
  10. You. Do what you gotta do. But don’t be surprised when you do shit or make mistakes you never thought you would. Learn and just keep being better from there.


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