10 Of The Most Popular False Beliefs In Life

Gonna get a little controversial here…

  1. Happiness is a choice. Really? REALLY? Tell that to a starving kid in Africa or a clinically depressed person who happens to be rich or even famous.
  2. Money can’t buy happiness. You know what? I bet it can to a certain extent. Money would make anyone of our lives easier and with that, comes with some form happiness.
  3. Meditation solves all your emotional problems. I don’t know why, but meditation seems to be the rage these days in the self-help world. I highly disagree that meditation is the best or only solution. You best be doing your due diligence before you listen to these self-helpers, especially if they’re looking to sell you some expensive bullshit.
  4. Find passion and you won’t have to work a day in your life. Bullshit. You’re human. You get tired and experience fatigue. Your inspiration would die off. Some days, you feel bored too. Passion isn’t the fart from a unicorn’s ass that’d solve all your problems.
  5. There is one perfect person out there for everyone, ala soul mates or “the one.” Really? Seven over billion people in the world and the love of your life just so happens to be in the same country as you? Maybe you need to get out more. Or maybe you need to go through the tough times to realize that eventually, every relationship requires effort from both parties over time. One party slips, and the relationship will die. Period.
  6. Never give up. Sometimes, you should. Fuck it and let go. Read The Dip by Seth Godin.
  7. Violence doesn’t solve anything. If somebody is running at you or your loved ones with a knife, you best be knocking them the fuck out.
  8. People are interacting less with the advent of social media and mobile phones. The most common example being that everybody is on their phones in the train. Give them a break… Nobody wants to be bored as hell in a monotonous train ride. They could be Face Timing a loved one from overseas for all we know.
  9. Forgive them and you’ll be happy. No. Make them fucking apologize because it’s the common sense thing adults should do. For some of us, the apology is key to move on.
  10. Study hard. Graduate from college. Work hard. Get married. Own a car. Have kids. You’ll be happy. Nobody wants to hire. Sometimes your work goes unappreciated. Divorces happen. Your kids are broken then. Need I say more? (Targeted to millenials.)


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