10 Harsh Secrets To Life In One Blog Post

I think there’s way too much confusion in this world.

There’re way too many supposed secrets even. As much as they’re trying to help you live a better life, they tend to overwhelm instead.

Add to that, they’re way too nice and cliche.

I think the real secrets are the harsh ones, the ones which don’t hold back. The best lessons are the hardest ones and you shouldn’t cower from them.

1) Fail as fast as you can

There’s no shortcut to success. If there was one, it’d be this.

Whatever endeavor you’re taking on and however much you think you’re prepared, you’re not really. Things would always fuck up and results would be not as good as you expected.

That’s why you’d think you failed, but that’s how you grow best, because the experience you gained is your best teacher.

So if you speed up this process of failing continuously, that’s your shortcut to success.

2) Life is a god damn mystery. That’s a fact nobody can escape from.

I don’t care how much you think science has evolved or how expansive your religion is. I just stepped on your toes.

Life is a mystery. Nothing more, nothing less. There’re so many things which can’t be explained, from weird ass ghosts caught on camera to why good, innocent folks have bad shit happening to them.

Hence, the best think you can do for yourself is not be arrogant about your beliefs, keep your conscience clear all the time and be kind to one another. With that in mind, keep taking action. Stop pondering so much over the unsolvable.

3) Some people are just plain not nice

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

These are the ones would find a problem with you even if you think you’re a good person. That’s effectively overriding your values, principles and whatever you’ve worked for.

Alas, assholes do not apologize. Stop wasting your time with them and surround yourself with better people. No excuses. And don’t let the bad guys lower your self-esteem and make you one of them. You can be nice, but don’t be weak.

4) Passion doesn’t solve all your problems

Passion has become a buzzword for wide-eyed hopefuls. People out there like to say, “You gotta follow your passion. You gotta do what you love. You gotta do what you heart says” like as if it’s the golden ticket to a problem-free life.

It’s not. In fact, to a certain extent, I think people have taken passion to a cowardly level as they use it as an excuse to escape hard work. “But… I’m not feeling it man. I gotta do what I love” is what they say when they want to avoid something.

Passion MAY solve your problems on a cosmic level, that means to say it can point you in the right direction. That’s all. It points. But it doesn’t hold your hand.

The rest is up to you to take action and passion or not, there’re times you’re going to feel like shit and even wonder why you’re feeling all these negativity with passion by your side.

5) Your degree may not mean jackshit

Or your diploma or whatever certification you have.

Formal education has become a controversial topic of late. College graduates aren’t happy, despite landing a job. Some are even homeless.

Add to that, a handful of billionaires out there are college dropouts, which in my opinion is sending a mixed-at-best message to young adults everywhere.

Get an education if you can. It’s a privilege most kids would kill for. But know that, like passion, it isn’t the golden ticket to life. Don’t be too surprised if your life isn’t as swanky as your degree.

6) People change. Get over it

That means your loved ones will all change. It’s inevitable.

One day, your best friend may turn out to be an insensitive asshole or your brother or sister may drift apart from you.

That may have come across cynical, but it’s true, mostly because you change along the way too.

So don’t be surprised or try not to feel so hurt when it happens. Just be glad you had the experience of that particular relationship in your life.

7) People are afraid of others’ success

That’s why they’re always ready to discourage you and send you condescending remarks. They cannot understand why it’s a big deal to you to do what you love.

It may sound innocent enough, but people around you are ready to put you down as long as they cannot find a way to understand where you’re coming from.

It’s best to just ignore these people and show them what you’re truly made of.

8) Even good people screw up and disappoint

That’s when you see the true colors of somebody you considered close to you. That’s when betrayal and disappointment happen at the same time.

The truly good people are a needle in a haystack of shit. There’re many bad people in good disguise and they only know how to talk this way.

So watch out and be wary.

9) Almost everything is your damn fault

The responsibility is yours to lead a better life. You can’t lay blame and make excuses forever.

Straight up, unless you’ve cancer or some other equally bad deal, nobody else is going to make way for you. It’s that harsh. Being late due to a traffic jam is not a reason, it’s an excuse.

Have the mentality that you have the power to do everything you want. Destroy excuses and you’ll go far.

10) Secrets are useless

Secrets, tips, guides, 5-step programmes, seminars and even inspirational stories are useless.

Not without action at least. They’re all in the baby stage of being an idea only when no action is taken.

Stop reading this shit as if they’re going to change your life. They won’t. Only you can change your life. So just get out there and make shit happen.

But hey, here’re some simple rules to happiness. Get my free book: 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About!

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My name is Alden Tan and I’m sick of bullshit in the personal development space thanks to the pretentious people out there. I love writing and I’m also a Bboy.



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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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